Where To Buy Hermit Crabs {With Prices}


by Simon Griffiths


Having a pet hermit crab is always a dream come true for most people, especially teens and youths. Unfortunately, there is plenty of conflicting information when it comes to buying hermit crabs. Some will tell you that buying these creatures from pet stores is unethical and cruel. Well, the truth is that most hermit crabs for sale are wild-caught.

As we mentioned in our article on where hermit crabs come from, these creatures live in tropical areas, land, mangrove forests, and near the shoreline. People collect them and sell them to pet stores so that they can get to you.

So, when it comes to hermit crabs, you don’t have much of a choice on where to buy them. The options are limited and if you are hell-bent on getting one, then you either have to attend a reptile expo, adopt, buy from a local pet store, order online, or pick one from the beach.

If you have the space and willingness to take care of these decapod crustaceans, here are a few places you can purchase hermit crabs from


Best Places To Buy Hermit Crabs

So many crab enthusiasts do not have an idea of where to buy hermit crabs. Luckily, I have done all the footwork for you and come up with a few reliable places to purchase crabbies. Now it is upon you to choose your favorite place.

1. Pet Stores

If you are looking for a pet hermit crab, the pet store is most likely the first place that crosses your mind. I don’t know which pet store is close to you, but most Petco shops stock up on a variety of hermit crab species.

Other reliable stores include PetSmart and Hermit Crab Patch. Most of these stores allow for curbside pickup, In-store shopping, and online delivery. It is easy to tell which stores sell these crabs by just typing “hermit crabs for sale near me”. This search will bring up the most reliable stores near you.

Unfortunately, chain stores do not have the best reputation when it comes to pet care and more so hermit crabs. Most people say these poor creatures are not given enough space and they are often neglected. You can even find up to 4 hermit crabs squeezed in a 5-gallon tank.

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Well, the best you can do is rescue a couple of these creatures from the hands of these chain stores. They will be in much better care if you take a couple of them to your home.

2. Craigslist

If you don’t like the idea of buying hermit crabs from Petco or other chain stores, I would suggest you consider Craigslist. I’ve bought a few pets off Craigslist and I can highly vouch for them. Most people who have listed their pet hermit crabs on this marketplace are genuine and just want to find a new home for their crabs.

You just have to filter out the search results so that you can find a seller who is near your area. Make sure you inspect the hermit crab to ensure it is in good health condition. Be extra cautious because some sellers are just dubious.

3. Facebook Groups & Marketplaces

Buying pet hermit crabs just got easier with the advent of Facebook marketplaces. You will always see people posting hermit crabs for sale in various groups. I believe there is plenty of hermit crab groups that have individuals or breeders who specialize in selling these crabs.

All you need to do is join a few and keep an eye out for any sale posts that pop up. Make sure you engage the seller and check for reviews to avoid being scammed. Some people will even give their hermit crabs for free as long as you have the right setup. That’s the good thing about Facebook communities. In fact, I would be much happier adopting a crab instead of buying one.

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4. Online Websites

The other alternative you have is to order your hermit crabs online. There are so many sites out there that focus on raising and selling hermit crabs. The good thing about buying online is the fact that you can order from different countries. Besides, you will have access to a variety of crab species.  Most online orders will be smooth unless you are buying from scam websites. So, do your research well before you hit the buy now button.

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Is It Bad To Buy Hermit Crabs?

As I mentioned earlier, buying hermit crabs is quite a contentious issue. Some will agree that you should never buy one, instead, you should adopt or rescue them. People who are against buying hermit crabs argue that they will die pretty fast as they are difficult to take care of.

Just keep in mind that all crabs are wild-caught, no matter where you get them from. In that case, I would suggest you follow what your heart wants.

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Wrapping Up

I believe you guys now have a few ideas on the best places to buy hermit crabs. All you have to do is decide what you are comfortable with. If all the above options do not sit well with you, then I would suggest that you adopt one instead of buying. Just give these creatures the care they deserve and you’ll be good to go.


Simon Griffiths

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